We help companies to create and deliver digital solutions


With our extensive experience in design, digital innovation and deploying IoT solutions.

Delivering sustainable technology with a human touch


We are a small global team designing smart devices and internet services. We can help to build your brand and accelerate your business using digital innovation.

Developing innovative products to improve lives


Combining cutting-edge product design with elegant engineering to deliver true innovation that helps people.

Design consulting and direction


20+ years experience working with leading global Packaged Consumer Goods companies in Japan.

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Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities

Get in touch to discuss how we can accelerate your business with design and innovation.

Our vision and passion are matched with a focus on delivering real value based on technical expertise and business experience.

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The International Industrial Fair Kobe 2023


Presenting Paladyne and Virtag, September 7-8 at Port Island, Kobe Japan