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Virtag extends the usefulness of URLs (web links) to everyday objects, enabling you to attach digital services to physical things. Some examples:
  •   - a digital business card
  •   - a virtual button to monitor the status of a meeting room or any shared place or object.
  •   - an activity tracker
  •   - a contact

Virtag links can be viewed on any device with a web browser. No account or sign-up is required.

A dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android) enables writing links to NFC tags and generating QR codes.

Virtag enables businesses to sell products in new locations and deliver unique, personalized user experiences to increase engagement.

Where can I get NFC tags?

NFC tags and cards are available at various places. We recommend NXP ntags. Check out the Virtag store for a selection of standard and custom NFC tags.

About iPhones and NFC

An iPhone 7 or later is required to read NFC tags. iPhone XS,XR (released in 2018) and later models support background tag reading. Prior to iPhone 11, you must use the NFC Reader app or the NFC Tag Reader in iOS Control Center. (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the NFC Tag Reader.)

About Mobile phones and NFC

Most high-end phones Android phones made by companies such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp and Google have NFC. If the phone does not detect tags, check Settings to make sure NFC is enabled.

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